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Online Manual

1. Welcome to WebdeXpress

1a. Glossary

Here are useful words and explanations of them when using the Wizard feature. Please note that depending on the template you choose, the location and format of the title area will be different.


1. Title

This is the company product

2. Subtitle

A short motto, catchphrase, or other content that outlines what kind of website this is.

3. Header Image

The main image of your website. It’s important to choose a high quality, properly scaled image for best effect.

4. Menu Bar (Navigation)

The table of contents for your website. Users will use this to go to other pages.

5. Page Title

The title of the page that the user is currently on.

6. Content

The website’s content; words, images, videos etc

7. Footer

Displayed at the bottom of each page on the website, it often contains copyright information, addresses and contact info, and additional navigation.

1b. About the Editor Screen

The editor screen is where users can create and edit their website.

about editor screen

1. Editor Menu

Tools for creating and editing your website.

2. Input Hints

Hover over for hints on what to input in specific fields

3. Save

Save all entered data so far.

4. Sub-menu

Preview: Preview the current state of the website at any time on a non-live version

Publish: Push all saved changes to the live site

Admin: Change login email or password, or logout

5. Next

Advance to the next editor screen. *Please make sure to always save before advancing to the next page