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Securely store your passwords like magic.

Never worry about forgetting your account information again with Pass Wizard’s password management software.

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Pass Wizard offers powerful features for managing secure passwords

Being able to commit secure and complex password to memory is next to impossible - now you don’t have to.

Unlimited Passwords

Unlimited Passwords

While Pass Wizard is in Beta release, manage an unlimited number of passwords.

Focused on Security

Focused on Security

Secure hardware and state-of-the-art systems with 2FA keeps your data safe when you use Pass Wizard.

Shared Group Passwords

Shared Group Passwords

Create an unlimited number of shared passwords that are accessible by every user within your group plan.

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Perfect for small businesses!

Number of Accounts 2

No. of Stored PasswordsUnlimited

Group Manager

Group Shared Passwords

2-factor Authentication

Strong Password Generator

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