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How We Started

PSPINC is proud to celebrate its 36th anniversary in business, having rapidly grown with the age of internet these past three decades. What started as a one-man operation in 1987, developing software out of a room in his apartment on Mercer Island and serving a handful of clients, has since grown into a full-service web hosting, design and marketing solutions company now headquartered in Bellevue, housing dozens of employees and providing service to thousands of clients worldwide. Our groundbreaking technology has aided in globalizing software solutions and driving innovation in the web space.

PSPINC Timeline


PSPINC Founded

PSPINC was founded in 1987 on Mercer Island, Washington by Ken Uchikura, the vision for PSPINC was to help the Japanese market grow by popularizing the PC in Japan using already established U.S. software technology.


Stay Tuned As We Continue To Make History!