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5. Additonal Pages and Edit Page Order

In the same way as the home page, you can freely create additional pages.

5a. How to Create Additional Pages

1. From the editor menu, choose ‘Additional Pages’ and then click ‘Add Page’

additonal pages 1

2. Input the page title

3. Input the page URL

4. Using the page editor tool, add text and images

Important Point: If copying text content from a Word document or other word-processing software, the text decorations or formatting may be copied over as-is. You can remove this with the ‘Clear Formatting’ tool.

5. Click 'Save'

additonal pages 2

You can select a ‘Status' (setting the page to ‘Draft’ means it will not display on your website) and also password protect the page from the bottom of the editing page

Page Status
Page Status
Password Protect
Password Protect

5b. Edit Page Order

You can easily change the page order by clicking on the title of the page you wish to move, and dragging it up or down in the list. Make sure to ‘Save’ after changing the order. *The home page will always be first, and the Contact page will always be last.

edit page order