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Know what your customers are thinking.

Easily analyze customer feedback to improve your business, encourage 5-star reviews, and increase revenue.

Happy face Woman provides feedback using Opinion Stand Angry face Neutral face
User gives a positive google review

Convert positive reviews into 5-star Yelp and Google reviews!

Automatically prompt positive reviewers to leave Yelp or Google reviews to bolster your business’ online rating!

How it Works

Gather customer feedback, acquire contact information, analyze feedback, and address concerns.

Add your QR or embed code

Add your QR or Embed Code depending on media

Add a QR code to print media (menus, business cards, posters, etc) or copy and paste embed code into digital media (websites, email templates, etc).

Customer scans code or views digital media

Customer scans code and/or views digital media

Customer scans the QR code from your print media, or views your feedback request directly from your website or email newsletter.

Customer provides feedback

Customer provides feedback & contact info

In addition to providing basic feedback on their experience, the customer has the option to provide detailed feedback and contact info.

Review feedback

Review feedback, address concerns

Review all of your feedback from our easy-to-use interface. Address concerns before customers turn to public sites such as Yelp or Google.

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Using Papyrus to give feedback

Print Media

Opinion Stand ® allows you to generate QR codes which you can add to flyers, business cards, brochures, posters, pamphlets, or any other type of print media.

Your customers can then scan the QR code with their phones, and provide feedback with a single click. They also have the option of providing additional feedback and contact info.

Digital Embed

Opinion Stand ® provides you with code that you can easily copy and paste to embed into your website, emails, or any other digital media.

Your customers can can provide feedback directly from your website with a single click. Your statistics are instantly available from your dashboard.

Using Kumo to give feedback
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Opinion Stand as seen on various devices

Convert clicks into more satisfied customers!

Opinion Stand as seen on a phone

Seamless Customer Experience

Our state-of-the-art system allows your customers to simply press a smile icon on their mobile device while in-store or from anywhere to rate their shopping experience.

Business Statistics Simplified

The date, time, and rating provided are securely logged in the system. This provides you with the ability to identify trends and patterns to take action and improve your business.

Additional Features

Opinion Stand ® is loaded with great features to help you gather and utilize customer feedback. Opinion Stand has a bilingual interface, and all of the features below are available in English or Japanese.

Acquire feedback

Acquire Feedback

Get valuable customer feedback in seconds with the click of a button, & use direct feedback to discover and address problems.

Customer Dialogue

Customer Dialogue

Capture contact information to start a dialogue with customers, add custom questions to get more information.

Personalized Messaging

Personalized Messaging

Adjust your messaging to add a personal touch by using customized questionnaires, feedback icons, and more!

Fully Configured

Fully Configured

We will guide your configuration and setup to fit your business' needs, technical support available toll free.

Export Data

Export Data

With the click of a button you can easily export all of your data to utilize as needed.

Custom Statistic Views

Custom Statistic Views

View your stats monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or set a custom date range.

Event Tracking

Event Tracking

Have an event coming up? Create an event to track how visitors are feeling about the presentation.

View/Download Comments

View/Download Comments

View, manage and download your customer’s comments right from your account.

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