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Take the temperature of your customers

A simple click allows you to identify how well your business is performing in the eyes of your customers


Immediate Statistics

  • Get valuable customer feedback in seconds with the click of a button
  • A secure, web-based feedback application accessible through your registered tablets
  • View statistics and manage your stands from anywhere with a separate admin panel
  • Add as many stands as you would like and compare the results

Direct Customer Feedback

  • Give customers a voice to share their feedback
  • Capture contact information to start a dialogue with customers
  • Use direct feedback to discover and address problems
  • Learn what your store is doing well or what customers want to see more of!

Customizable to Your Needs

  • Choose between 2, 3, 4 or 5 icons
  • Adjust the messages on your Opinion Stand ® to add a personal touch
  • Choose Papyrus or Kumo - an Opinion Stand ® for any situation!
  • Need to dig deeper? Add up to 10 custom questions per stand to get more information


Event Tracking

  • Easily track sales promotions and events
  • Track event specific statistics to evaluate how well you performed
  • Download the results for past and present events for your records

Professional and Dedicated Support

  • We will guide your configuration and setup to fit your business' needs
  • In-house Designers can create print assets to provide the right amount of emphasis for your Stand for an additional fee
  • Technical support available toll free at 1-800-232-3989

The perfect system for your restaurant

Create table tents with Opinion Stand ® Papyrus QR codes to evaluate how friendly and informative your staff is. Create delivery and take-out flyers to inquire with your Patrons about how their food, delivery, and/or take-out service was.

Built for brick and mortar retail businesses

Print Opinion Stand ® Papyrus QR codes on your receipts to evaluate how friendly and helpful your sales staff are. Embed links to Opinion Stand ® kumo in your follow-up emails - a perfect option for service industries.

Real-time feedback on your online store

Using an Opinion Stand ® Kumo embed code on your website, gather customer feedback on what they thought of your online store\'s checkout process.

Manage the effectiveness of your live event

Create posters or flyers with Opinion Stand ® Papyrus QR codes to see how people feel about your event or booth. Placing them around your venue provides your attendees the ability to evaluate all aspects of your event. This includes things like bathroom cleanliness, registration, lines/queues, and more.

An ideal evaluation tool for medical professionals

Send a link to Opinion Stand ® Kumo to your patients when following up with them through email. Learn how they feel about the wait time, friendliness of your staff, and the quality of your service.