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What is Experiential Marketing?

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is, in essence, marketing your product, service, or brand through an experience. In today’s digital age, many consumers hate ads. They disrupt their overall experience and keep them from the content they wanted to see. There’s a reason why ad blockers have gained so much popularity in recent years. Experiential marketing counteracts that by promoting your brand in a non-intrusive way. The perfect example is Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine campaign from 2010. The overarching idea behind it was that happiness is contagious. And they proved their point when people shared their various items with people from the otherwise ordinary Coca-Cola vending machine.

Framing your brand’s marketing strategy with an experience is a completely different approach from traditional advertising. Many marketing tactics aim to get the most amount of viewership. But experiential marketing focuses more on customer engagement. To do that, brands need to focus on evoking an emotional response from people and using technology to make that experience memorable. The best way to do that is by telling a captivating story while incorporating relevant brand elements. And around that story, the visual details need to reflect the brand’s overall vision and deliver a stimulating customer experience.

Benefits of Experiential Marketing

two coca cola vending machines placed next to each other

For businesses, experiential marketing differentiates them from their competitors. And for truly great experiences, customers will not only remember your brand, they’ll perceive your brand in a positive light. And customers feel special about experiencing something unique that many people haven’t experienced before. If they enjoy the event, they’ll recommend your brand to others, essentially creating brand advocates. And even with all the different marketing avenues out there today, word-of-mouth is still one of the most effective marketing tactics. Additionally, the customer engagement that experiential marketing provides leads to increased return on investment (ROI), customers, and sales.

With so many distractions out there today, experiential marketing breaks the traditional marketing mold of disrupting customers’ experience. Instead, it elicits an emotional response through engaging visual storytelling. And while traditional methods strive for increased reach and awareness, experiential marketing aims to grow engagement and maintain interest memorably. In the end, customers are happier throughout the entire customer journey, and it results in higher retention rates. For small businesses looking for more long-term marketing success, experiential marketing is worth a try.

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