In 2018, we saw the rise of “Internet of Things” (aka: IoT), which is basically the connectivity of all our devices to each other via the cloud and network systems. The other growing phenomena is “Art...
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Happy New Year from Pacific Software Publishing!
Map the Year Ahead Take a few minutes and write down your biggest goals for the New Year. Then break them down into smaller goals. And then even smaller goals, all the way down to tiny bit-sized goals...
From all of us at PSPinc we want to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy holiday season! And Happy New Year!
Data Center Move The beginning of 2018 brought big changes for our company as we began to move our data center in downtown Seattle. Over the course of a few months we disassembled the existing data ce...
Mobile First Mobile traffic has only recently surpassed desktop traffic around the world. Which means Google needs to adjust how they look at and rank websites. How do they plan on doing this? Google ...
When your desktop is so cluttered, you can no longer view the wallpaper or picture you set as the background, that’s a clear indication it’s time to organize and purge some files. The fact is if you h...
Nowadays, everything is electronic. File folders on our computers act like file folders we used to have in actual cabinets. But just like our filing cabinets of old used to get messy with paper docume...