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Apple and OpenAI’s New Partnership

Apple and OpenA...

In February 2024, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, confirmed Apple was investing a “tremendous amount of time and effort” in AI, adding that he’d comment on more details later in the year. That time has finally come as Apple announced they’d integrate ChatGPT into Apple products in a new partnership with OpenAI on June 10 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). In the next iOS version, iOS 18, Siri and Apple’s Writing Tools will be able to use ChatGPT technology, including image and document understanding.

What We Know So Far

a person holding an iphone with chatgpt open
Apple and OpenAI’s new deal will bring a range of AI-powered features to Apple devices as Apple integrates ChatGPT’s technology into Siri and Apple’s systemwide Writing Tools. Soon, Apple users can ask Siri more complex questions like generating ideas for dinner or creating custom bedtime stories. With Apple’s Writing Tools, users will also be able to generate written content and images using ChatGPT’s intelligence.
The main concern, however, consists of user privacy and control. With multiple employees leaving OpenAI over safety concerns, it begs the question: how safe will these new AI-powered features be? Regarding security, Apple has ensured that using ChatGPT will require explicit permission from users and clarified that a significant portion of AI processing will be handled on-device to ensure privacy and maintain speed. Additionally, users will also have the option to connect their existing ChatGPT subscriptions to access additional features.

What This Means

black apple iphone in holder
There is still plenty we don’t know about how this will look once Apple releases iOS 18, but we do know that Apple is deliberately making their move towards using more AI-powered technology. Their move toward working with OpenAI rather than starting from scratch shows they see the value in OpenAI’s leadership in the AI space thus far and will continue moving AI technology to the mainstream. However, they must keep AI regulations and overall security concerns in mind as they continue investing heavily in AI.

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