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What’s New Newsletter Vol. 150 “The Restaurant Industry”

What’s New News...

The restaurant industry today has changed drastically due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For a while, restaurants only offered delivery and takeout options. For restaurants that didn’t try to do either, they simply didn’t make it. Putting together a digital menu and adding ordering capabilities can be a long and expensive process for a small business. But making sure potential customers know what a restaurant offers is an important step in the customer journey for restaurants. After all, people won’t buy from your restaurant if they don’t know what you’re selling.

People can always call in to ask, but most people aren’t willing to do that. Especially after seeing your competitors. The pandemic changed the dine-in experience as well. Physical menus, while they still exist, aren’t utilized as much anymore. Instead, many restaurants place a QR code menu on the tables where users can scan in with their camera phones to see the menu. It provides customers with a much more sanitary and convenient experience. For restaurant owners, it also helps cut down servers’ workload, as they’re able to turn over tables faster. With ImaMenu, you can create digital menus for free and easily update menu items based on rotating specials and/or availability. Sign up for free to get started.

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