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Social Media Marketing: Paid Versus Organic

Social Media Marketing: Paid ...

Over the last few years, research found that people spend even more time on social media now than in the past, making your business’s potential audience even larger. And it makes it more likely that they’ll convert as well. However, social platforms’ algorithms are constantly changing, and many now make it hard for brands to increase their exposure through organic methods. As an example, Hootsuite reported that an organic post on a Facebook page gets an average reach of 5.2% in 2021.

But despite organic social’s decline in reach, it still has its place in an effective marketing strategy. While paid efforts will help reach more people, organic social helps establish your brand’s overall reputation and can be a way to connect with your audience. It also is a great way to test content to see which ones are more effective before using them for a paid campaign. So, it’s important to employ paid and organic social efforts to get the most out of social media marketing.

Why Your Business Needs Both

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While reach can be fairly limited, organic social media marketing can still give businesses a good idea of who their audience is and what they’re interested in. Plus, it’s great for businesses that are just starting and may not have funds to pay for advertising. Through organic social posts, you can build out your community and demonstrate your brand values and tell your brand story, which will reach the growing number of customers who prioritize buying from companies whose values align with their own. It may not directly lead to sales, but it will help establish trust and transparency. And it’s a good opportunity to see how effective different kinds of content perform.

Paid social ads, however, will help immensely in increasing the overall reach of your marketing campaigns. With how algorithms on social media work today, businesses can’t rely on organic efforts alone to market their products. Paid social ads, unlike organic posts, can break through the algorithm to be seen by more users that probably wouldn’t discover them otherwise. But other than increasing visibility, paid social ads also allow brands to target their audience to reach the right customer at the right time. With the increase in online shopping, it makes it even easier for brands to integrate ads into users’ timelines without disrupting a user’s overall experience. Paid social ads can also further enforce the messaging and values your organic social posts release. you can even convert your best-performing promotional organic content into a paid social ad, increasing the likelihood that they’ll perform well. So, employing both organic and paid social media efforts will let you take advantage of everything social media marketing has to offer.

If your business needs any digital marketing help, our team is standing by to help you increase your business’s visibility online.

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