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How to Add a Website to Your Mac iOS Desktop

How to Add a Website to You...

If there’s a site that you go to frequently and want a quicker way to get to them, the best way to do that is create a shortcut on your desktop home screen. Or, on your iPhone home screen. Doing so will allow you to gain instant access to the page without having to open a browser and enter the website URL. Let’s use the site for our password manager, Pass Wizard, as an example.

For Mac iOS Users Using Safari

  1. Go to the website on Safari on your Mac desktop. For this example, we’re going to Then, highlight the URL in the web address bar.

  2. URL highlighted in safari

  3. Drag and drop the highlighted URL to your desktop.

  4. pass wizard URL dragged onto desktop from safari

  5. Right-click the new icon and select 'Get Info'.

  6. pass wizard icon from safari on desktop right click get info shown

  7. Under 'Name & Extension', change to 'Pass Wizard.webloc'. Note: you need to keep ".webloc" at the end. Then, hit 'Enter'.

  8. pass wizard icon desktop rename safari

  9. Change the icon by copying the image you want to use to your clipboard. For this example, we'll be using the vault icon from our Pass Wizard Pro plans. Then, go back to the 'Get Info' screen with the desktop shortcut details and click on the small icon at the top of the Info window.

    At the top of your Mac desktop's menu bar, click on 'Edit' and then click 'Paste'. Then, you'll see the icon image change, and you'll see the new custom icon after closing the Info window.

  10. pass wizard icon on desktop safari

For Mac iOS Users Using Google Chrome

  1. Go to the website using Chrome on your Mac desktop. Again, we’re going to as an example.

  2. Click the three dots in the top right corner. Select ‘More Tools’ and then select ‘Create Shortcut’.

  3. pass wizard chrome create shortcut option

  4. Rename the shortcut to 'Pass Wizard' and click 'Create'.

  5. pass wizard shortcut rename chrome

  6. Drag and drop the new ‘Pass Wizard’ icon from ‘Chrome Apps’ to your desktop and see the new icon on your desktop home screen.

  7. move pass wizard chrome app to desktop

  8. Change the icon by following the same instructions from #5 from the Safari instructions.

  9. custom desktop shortcut copy paste chrome

  10. See the new icon on your desktop home screen.

  11. custom desktop shortcut icon chrome

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