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What’s New Newsletter Vol. 140 “Transparency in Business”

What’s New News...

For small businesses, transparency towards your customers is important. Especially if it affects a potential customer’s overall experience with the brand. For example, if one of your products is low in stock or your office reduces hours because of a holiday, it’s important to let customers know. Especially since this information could affect their overall experience with the brand. In line with that logic, being transparent with your customers also includes sharing positive news, like new product additions or sale promotions.

Being honest with your customers will help you maintain relationships between your business and your customers. And for small businesses, those relationships are crucial in establishing a great reputation for your business as well as creating loyal customers. With a solid base of loyal customers and an exceptional reputation, your business could create brand evangelists, where customers will market for you by telling people how great your company is. And if you continue to nurture those relationships, you’ll always have a constant flow of business.

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