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PSPINC What’s New Newsletter Vol. 133 “Serving Your Customers”

PSPINC What’s N...

As a business that sells to other businesses, it’s hard to sell and retain those customers sometimes. But what we’ve found very helpful is taking the focus of our company. Instead, we put the focus on our customers. It’s not about trying to get what we need from them; it’s about giving them what they need. When asking them how we can help them, it shows how much we care about them rather than just trying to push our products on them. While we do still want to make money, customers don’t like feeling like that’s the end goal.

If what you’re selling fits with what they want and need for their business, that’s great. But if it doesn’t, the relationship with them doesn’t have to end there. The customer’s best interests should still be at the forefront of how your sales team deals with customers, even if it means they won’t buy from you right now. In turn, they won’t only remember your business, but they also might recommend you to other people just based on their friendly interaction with you. This overall effort will, at the very least, give customers a great perspective on your business. They’ll see your business as one that genuinely cares about the well-being of their customers, even if it doesn’t result in a purchase.

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