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PSPINC What’s New Newsletter Vol. 132 "Perseverance"

PSPINC What’s N...

Every business, big or small, fluctuates. There are years where we’ve excelled, but there are other years where we could’ve done better. But we’re still standing. And it’s largely because we didn’t quit. Thousands of businesses fail every year because their company founders gave up too easily. Fighting through the hard times isn’t easy. And the worldwide pandemic has been challenging for everyone, not just business owners. But the key to making it in business is perseverance.

Think of it like an athlete. Regardless of what sport it is, when you see someone fall, you also watch them get back up. I’ve seen athletes with serious injuries still push away paramedics because they wanted to finish the game. Even if it meant they lost the game, they persisted regardless. It’s easy to let your self-belief waver. Failure is part of the journey. But if you truly want to be an entrepreneur and believe in what you’re doing, you need to shake off the self-doubt. Otherwise, you’ll just be another one of those thousands of inspiring entrepreneurs that quit too soon.

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