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Employee Spotlight: Meet Yume

Employee Spotlight: Meet Yume

We pride ourselves on our fantastic sales team and have an amazing and supportive staff. In this series, we will highlight and showcase a number of those friendly faces who are standing by to take your call or email, help with your IT problems, and assist with your online solutions. This time, we’re shining a spotlight on our sales team member, Yume Veliquette.

Meet Yume

Tume Veliquette

Yume is in charge of Sales and Marketing at our San Diego office! We sat down with Yume and asked her a series of questions to get to know her better.

What do you do at PSPINC?
I work in social media marketing and run San Diego Town and Los Angeles Town, which are both local Japanese portal sites. I consult with clients about their websites as well as on social media content and designs.

What does a typical day on the job look like for you?
My day usually includes holding meetings with customers, interviewing and visiting local businesses to write blog content for them, and other marketing tasks. It really depends, honestly.

How did you first learn about PSPINC? What drew you to the position?
I saw a job listing for San Diego Town, and since I have experience building websites for myself, helping small businesses grow online sounded like something I’d like to do.

How long have you been working at PSPINC?
Since December 2020, so it’s only my second year working at PSPINC!

What's your favorite part about working here?
Meeting new people almost every day and helping them grow their business online. Also, I love that I’m able to try new ideas and have such a helpful team.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?
Helping customers build their website from scratch for brand new businesses. It mostly consists of consulting for businesses, but I also love that part of my job.

Before working for PSPINC, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
I was the owner of a small ballgown boutique in Okinawa, Japan that was imported from the New York and Los Angeles fashion districts.

What have you learned about sales/marketing since working here?
The biggest thing that I’ve learned from our CEO is to serve, not sell. I’ve also learned communication and consulting skills as well as how to maximize my team members’ potential.

What kinds of skills do you think a salesperson needs to succeed?
Listening skills to determine what customers really need and being helpful are essential skills to have in sales.

What is your proudest moment at PSPINC?
I have a customer that came to us for help with social media marketing and their goal was to hire employees through social media. Within the first month of starting that project, we achieved that goal.

Tell us about your family.
I have a husband and a baby boy who just turned one!

What is your favorite movie?
I can’t pick just one, but my favorites include Burlesque, Hairspray, Free Guy, and Guardians of the Galaxy. I like most of the Marvel movies, really.

Where would you want to go on your ideal vacation?
I’d like to go back to Okinawa, which is also my hometown.

What’s your favorite food?
Taco rice, which is Okinawan soul food! It’s just taco ingredients on top of rice, but it tastes so good!

What have you been most passionate about?
I was a color guard in a marching band for seven years and we went to nationals every year. After graduation, I coached at a high school as well as an elementary school.

Anything else you want to mention?
I have a smart house, so my whole house talks.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Yume today! If you’re a business in the San Diego or Los Angeles area that wants to grow their business online, don’t hesitate to call Yume at 619-806-7242. She and her team are the experts dedicated to helping you!

Do you like what you heard about PSPINC? Check our open positions, we are always looking for talented individuals looking to fast track their career in technology!

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