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How 5G Will Change the Tech Industry

How 5G Will Change the Tech ...

Over the last few years, mobile phone carriers have been rolling out 5G to customers. But the only thing customers really know about the new technology is that it guarantees speed. But 5G is much more than that and the technology behind it could be the key to more innovation in the future.

What is 5G?

a woman holding a phone up that says 5g

5G, at its simplest definition, is the 5th generation of wireless network technology. And it includes much more than just mobile devices. The last four generations used macro cell towers to transmit data over long distances. These cell towers generally span hundreds of feet height-wise and require expansive power outlaws. 5G technology, however, works a little differently. While it too uses macro cell towers, it also uses multiple micro cells to create an ultrahigh-speed network.

With the addition of several micro cells, 5G technology can do more than its predecessor, 4G LTE, ever could. An essential part of how 5G technology works is the act of slicing a physical network into multiple virtual ones. Then, each slice can be allocated for different things, depending on what the application, customer, or case needs.

5G Isn’t Just for Mobile Phones

a set of headphones, gaming controllers, a computer keyboard, some dispersed snacks, and a mug of coffee on a desk

5G allows speed to be up to 100x faster with minimal lag, which is the real draw for many end-users. With the faster speed 5G offers, users will be able to enjoy 4K video streams with very short buffering time, an improved VR experience, and highly responsive gameplay on devices. Additionally, it comes with lower latency, meaning that users will receive more immediate responses and a more consistent user experience overall.

5G technology has already started rolling out in not only the United States but also in other countries. While it’s mostly been publicized as a big change to the mobile phone industry, 5G technology spans multiple industries. In fact, it’ll affect every business that uses wireless technology. Other than increased speeds, 5G is also capable of handling much larger amounts of data compared to previous generations. Paired with the increased speed and lower latency levels, efficiency will greatly increase, for both businesses and potential customers.

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