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DENREI – App Now Live!

DENREI – App No...

We’re excited to share with you that our online community platform, DENREI, now has an app available to download for free in the app store for U.S users! We still have the desktop version available, but we specifically developed the app to improve usability for the user. With the app, users will no longer have to configure an email client. Instead, it’s already built into the app, making account set-up easier.

What is DENREI?

denrei app interface on a phone

DENREI is our all-new social platform that uses email to leverage conversations with others, which offers the security and privacy that other platforms may not offer. The name, “denrei”, comes from the Japanese word for messenger. Using the power of email, DENREI allows users to build their own unique online communities and connect with like-minded users on your favorite topics.

What can you do with DENREI?

A Man Sitting Wearing Eyeglasses while Using His Mobile Phone

After signing up and verifying your email, you can start setting up your profile. All that’s needed is your name, language, a unique username, and some information about what kinds of content you’ll be broadcasting. There’s even an option to moderate your new followers by requiring your approval before allowing others to follow you. After that, you can:

• Compose messages to send out as broadcasts to your followers.

• Attach photos and documents to your broadcasts to provide additional forms of media to your followers.

• Search the DENREI community listing to find members that share your interests.

• Receive content from members you follow in your inbox.

• Review, reply, favorite, move, and delete messages within your inbox.

• Manage, organize, and archive your messages by creating sub-folders.

• Disable replies if you choose to use DENREI to share news rather than conversing.

How much does DENREI cost?

someone opening up their wallet and starting to pull out a five dollar bill

Absolutely nothing. DENREI, as well as its new mobile app, is completely free to use and download.

Benefits of using DENREI

a group of people in an office space talking, with two of them holding tablets

• Reliable message delivery: DENREI messages will always deliver to your members unlike traditional email, where content can get flagged as spam or leave things undelivered.

• Exclusivity: only DENREI members can send and receive messages from other DENREI members.

• Community: grow your personal and/or professional network by connecting with other members.

• Connection: discover new online communities to find other members whose interests align with your own.

So, download the free DENREI app today! Only available in the U.S. on iOS.

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