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Why Branding is More Than Just a Logo

Why Branding is More Than Ju...

When you think of branding, you probably think of the big brands: Apple, Coca-Cola, Netflix, you name it. For brands as big as those, you can almost immediately picture their logos. And that’s the true testament to how successful those companies are. But branding is much more than just the logo. However, the word, branding or brand, is somewhat of an obscure concept. If you were to ask people what they think it means, everyone you ask will probably come up with something different. But the real answer is actually quite simple: A brand is a promise. The promise that your company will live up to every time someone interacts with your brand.

Apple as an Example

(from left) mac laptop, iPad, and iPhone

But what does that attribute to in practice? Well, let’s take a look at Apple, arguably one of the world’s largest brands. Steve Jobs, the man behind it all, has said in the past that Apple owes its success to keeping its core values the same. When it all comes down to it, Apple’s core values consist of building the best product for people. The company’s certainly changed and evolved as the world and technology have. But it still keeps that idea as the backbone of the company.

While almost every other tech company out there has expanded their product line, pushing them out one by one, Apple’s stayed true to its promise. They’ve certainly added more products to their lineup, but adding to it isn’t their main purpose. And it certainly isn’t what they’re known for. There’s a reason why there are over 1.65 billion Apple devices in active use in the world and why Apple’s revenue hit approximately $274.3 billion in 2020. It’s not because Apple keeps coming out with hundreds of products every year (because they don’t). It’s because Apple delivers on the promise they’ve made to their customers: they build the best devices, no matter how the world changes.

The Branding Process

outline of the branding process: identity, logo, design, strategy, marketing

But for any brand, a logo is just one part of creating a brand identity. But just because there’s more to branding than just a logo, it doesn’t mean that a logo doesn’t matter. After all, when you think of Apple, you think of its logo. It’s synonymous with what their brand stands for and how they want you to feel about their brand. And that’s not an accident. It’s not just an image they place on their products. It’s also the color palette and tone they use in everything they put out there. It’s why branding is a process.

Creating a visually appealing and effective brand identity is vital. With a strong brand identity, you’re then left with clear guidelines that set the tone for everything your brand does from that point forward. That includes everything from the images your brand shares on social media, the language you use in your content, and what your website looks like. And brands can either do all that work internally or they can outsource it. In fact, PSPINC even has services specifically designed to help with that branding process, which includes logo design, custom website design, and marketing services.

It can be a long and involved process but if your brand can reach Apple status, it’s worth it in the end. With clear brand guidelines, your brand will be consistent in everything it does, which is the key to a successful brand.

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