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3 Easy Steps To Protect Your Computer

3 Easy Steps To Protect Your...

On Wednesday, July 14th, 2021, Microsoft released an emergency update to patch a vulnerability, called “PrintNightmare”, that was exploiting the Windows Print Spooler service. Technical jargon aside, this exploit essentially would allow hackers to install programs, view and delete data. It affected Windows 10 and even Windows 7 operating systems.

Computers can be complicated, but you don’t have to be a security expert to protect your data from those looking to conduct malicious activities. Here are a few easy steps you can take to help protect your computer.

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#1 Keep your software up-to-date

Probably the most obvious thing based on the above report. While it can be frustrating to constantly be prompted for software updates, there is a reason this is done. Often these are security updates necessary to protect your devices from harmful exploits. So if you see an update is available for your operating system, take the time to install it.
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#2 Password protect your computer and programs

If your hardware or software provides you with the option to password-protect your usage of it, you should do it. When you give your accounts unique and complex passwords you add more barriers in front of people who may wish to do you harm.

We’ve talked a lot about password security in previous blogs. A great place to start is “How to Create a strong password in 2021” - parts one and two. Your passwords should also be unique for each device or program you use. If you make everything the same and a hacker gains access to one of your accounts, you have given them access to everything.

While it is important to have unique passwords for each account, remembering them all can be difficult. We have developed a password manager program called Pass Wizard that can help securely store your passwords, check it out if you are interested.
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#3 Use common sense

Many times hackers and hijackers can gain control of your devices and accounts because people make it easy for them to do so. If you receive a suspicious email asking you to click a link or provide personal or financial information - DON’T DO IT!

In addition, downloading software or files from untrusted sources and running them on your computer is highly discouraged. If something seems fishy, it probably is.

These are just a few tips to help protect your computer. There are many more technical things that can be done - from configuring a VPN, to configuring custom firewall settings, as well as installing reputable antivirus software to monitor your machines. If these things are of interest to you and you need some help, please contact us for a free quote. Our team of Support Technicians has the experience to set you up for success. We can also be reached by phone at 1-800-232-3989 or by email at

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