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How to create a strong password in 2021 (Part 1)

How to create a strong passw...

If you have not updated your passwords in over a year, now (at the start of 2021) would be a good time to consider changing them. Cybersecurity experts recommend passwords to be changed every 60-90 days. Cracking your password is how hackers can obtain your personal data. Securing your account starts with a strong password.

We are here to help you create a strong password in 2021 with a 2-part blog series.

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When should you change your password

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) suggests forcing frequent password changes is counterproductive. It often leads to less secure passwords because users will take shortcuts and use common words they can remember. You should aim to update your password at least once a year, or anytime you suspect your account is compromised.

You should also change your password when:

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Do not reuse passwords

You should have a different password for each account. When you change your password, do not reuse an old password because if a hacker cracks one of your old accounts, they will most definitely try the old password when attempting to crack your new accounts.

Say you had created an account with a department store many years back, you had forgotten you have that account. That particular department store had their data breached, and hackers obtained the password you used with that account. If you have reused the same password elsewhere, you are now at risk to be hacked. Even if you had changed the password slightly, often people would add a number at the end of their password when reusing a password. Since this is a common practice, hackers will try this when attempting to hack into your accounts.

Join us next time

Next time we will talk about commonly used passwords and best password practices. In the meantime, if you need help securing any of your PSPinc services please contact us. We have the best support team in the industry committed to serving our customers.

If you are not our customer, please consider us for your hosting needs, web / mobile app development projects, and cloud application services.

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