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PSPINC Reveals New Plan to Release Services in Retail Boxes This Summer

PSPINC Reveals New Plan to Release Services in Retail Boxes This Summer


Bellevue, WA (July 21, 2014) – A Washington State-based software developer and Internet service provider, Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. (PSPINC) revealed a new plan today to release products and services in retail boxes this summer.

The initial product release will include, PSPINC’s web and email hosting service;, an email marketing campaign service; and other services currently only available online. The initial release will also include PC TETHER, a brand new software that will convert PCs into Wi-Fi hotspots. The new boxed products will be distributed through resellers and retail distributors.

PSPINC was established in 1987 and published over 100 software titles, such as KanjiKit and Kanataro, in the US as well as the Japanese version of Bungie Software’s Marathon in Japan. In 1996, PSPINC launched a division dedicated to Internet services and began distributing their software as online services. PSPINC currently provides domain, web and email hosting to over 38,000 businesses worldwide. Many of PSPINC’s published software and Internet services have been sold through partners and distributors.

"Going back to the origins of this company, as demonstrated in our name, Pacific Software Publishing, will give us opportunities to deliver software and services currently only available online in easily obtainable boxes." said Ken Uchikura, Founder of PSPINC. "These boxes also can benefit distributors and resellers, and we want to make sure they also make money from our products and services. No one else does it any more, but consumers can feel the products in their hands this way."

PSPINC plans to add more products to the retail package series in the future.

PSPINC is a software development company located in Bellevue, WA. During the 1990s, its focus shifted from localization and "double byte specialists" to "Internet specialists." In August 2000, PSPINC opened its first data center, providing superior reliability and security for clients. As of 2014, PSPINC continues to expand and provide domain name, web, and email hosting, data storage and original software to over 38,000 companies in both the U.S. and Japanese markets. But while PSPINC provides expert service for companies large and small, they never forget that their real business is supporting customers. Learn more at

Contact: Mayumi Nakamura
Tel: 425-957-0808