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PSPINC Re-Positions Dreamersi With Its Web Builder System

PSPINC Re-Positions Dreamersi With Its Web Builder System


Bellevue, WA (January 20, 2015) – Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. (PSPINC) has announced the release of their content management system, WebdeXpress, as a free feature available to all of their Dreamersi web hosting clients. By revamping the web hosting service to include a free content management system, PSPINC hopes to make professional websites easily accessible for businesses of all sizes.

The WebdeXpress website builder includes a wizard mode with over a hundred designer web themes for users who have no web design experience, a dashboard which allows more advanced users to customize pages, and a built-in mobile site generator. These tools, along with PSPINC product plug-ins, allow clients of all skill levels from beginner through advanced to create and update websites without the need for an in-house web designer. A new theme is released every month, providing a constant stream of fresh design options and color schemes.

PSPINC will also offer free web sites using subdomains of for the first 100 users who register for the service. This will enable users to try out the software and provide PSPINC with feedback.

"We developed WebdeXpress content management system and Dreamersi hosting services to meet the needs of small and medium businesses," said Mayumi Nakamura, President and CEO of PSPINC. "We provide easy to use tools backed by top notch customer service and support. WebdeXpress is one of the best tools available to help our clients to grow their businesses online and update their sites regularly to reflect their changing requirements."

PSPINC is a web hosting and Internet solutions company located in Bellevue, WA. During the 1990s, its focus shifted from software to providing proprietary software applications and internet services to businesses of all sizes. PSPINC opened its first data center in 2000 to provide superior reliability and security for clients. Today PSPINC continues to expand and provide domain name, web and email hosting, data storage and software to over 38,000 companies in the U.S. and Japanese markets. While PSPINC provides expert service for companies large and small, they never forget that their real business is supporting customers. Learn more at

CONTACT: Sumiko Midorikawa
Marketing Manager