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PSPINC Named 2013 Global Giving Corporate Champion by PSBJ

PSPINC Named 2013 Global Giving Corporate Champion by PSBJ


Bellevue, WA (April 15, 2013) – Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. (PSPINC) has been named by Puget Sound Business Journal as Healthy Community Corporate Champion in the category of Global Giving in the annual ranking of Washington's Top Corporate Philanthropists. PSPINC is being recognized for their work in creating the Summer Experience in Seattle program for child survivors of natural disaster and the establishment of PSP Children's Foundation (PSPCF) as a non-profit organization.

PSPINC is a dedicated contributor to both local and global communities and understands the great importance of giving back to those that helped them succeed. The devastating Japanese Tsunami in March, 2011 impacted many of PSPINC's customers and employees. PSPINC worked tirelessly to contribute to relief efforts in the aftermath and within five days had completely altered the course of the company's charitable efforts, raising $70,000 in matched funds for the Red Cross. The lingering effects of the disaster were impossible to ignore and PSPINC chose to redirect its philanthropic efforts toward the healing process. In 2012, PSPINC changed their strategy from reactive to proactive and opted to take a first-hand approach and become directly involved with the people they were trying to help.

PSPINC's first project was to organize and fund a program for child survivors of the disaster who lost one or both parents. This program, the Summer Experience in Seattle, brought eight junior high students and two teachers to Seattle for ten days. During the trip, the students and their chaperones toured the area, participating in events sponsored by many of the area's largest companies. The visit helped show the children some of the opportunities that await them in the future and inspired PSPINC, their volunteers and the community to continue their efforts to provide these opportunities for child survivors of disaster.

PSPINC took the effort a step further and formed a nonprofit organization, PSP Children's Foundation, to ensure that the program would be offered for survivors of this disaster as well as others in the future. PSPINC strives to make a positive impact on as many children they can. They have chosen to do so through directly funding PSPCF, eliminating the overhead and obstacles faced by larger organizations and becoming more personally involved with the people they help than could ever be possible through donations alone.

"In cooperation with PSPCF, PSPINC can help build sustainable programs not only for the victims of the 2011 Japanese disaster but for any other opportunities it can contribute," said Mayumi Nakamura, President and CEO of PSPINC. "We are honored to be recognized for our contributions to the global community and hope to continue to provide these programs for many years to come." For more information, please contact PSPINC or

PSPINC is a web hosting and Internet solutions company located in Bellevue, WA. During the 1990s, its focus shifted from localization and "double byte specialists" to "Internet specialists." In August 2000, PSPINC opened its first data center, providing superior reliability and security for clients. Now in 2013, PSPINC continues to expand and provide domain name, web, and email hosting, data storage and original software to over 38,000 companies in both the U.S. and Japanese markets. But while PSPINC provides expert service for companies large and small, they never forget that their real business is supporting customers. Learn more at

Contact: Mayumi Nakamura
Tel: 425-957-0808