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PSP Children’s Foundation’s 2013 Summer Experience in Seattle

PSP Children’s Foundation’s 2013 Summer Experience in Seattle


Bellevue, WA (July 23, 2013) – PSP Children's Foundation (PSPCF) is hosting eight children, who are survivors of the 2011 Tsunami in Japan, along with two teachers from Minami Sanriku-cho and Kesennuma, Miyagi, Japan that will be visiting Seattle for ten days. This is the first official program offered since the organization's inception as a nonprofit in January 2013. PSPCF was established to provide programs and opportunities for children who are the victims of disasters. Its mission is to support children who suffered great losses in catastrophic disasters, such as the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of 2011. One of the ways in which it does this is by sponsoring and running the Summer Experience in Seattle.

The Summer Experience program began in the summer of 2012, when Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. (PSPINC) sponsored a homestay program in Seattle, Washington for eight junior high school students and two teachers from Kesennuma and Minami Sanriku-cho. The original group of students lost parents during the Tsunami, and they touched many hearts in Seattle during their stay.

In order to continue the program, PSPINC founded PSPCF as a nonprofit organization to administer and run the Summer Experience in the coming years. The Board of Directors includes members from many businesses in Washington with ties to Japan as well as the program's partners in Japan. Their efforts have come to fruition this week as they prepare for the arrival of this year's group of students and teachers on July 25th, 2013.

This year's Summer Experience will include visits to several major businesses in the Seattle Metro area as well as excursions to several attractions and classroom sessions. Host families have donated their time and opened up their homes to house the students for the duration of their stay as well.

"Last year, this program not only provided opportunities for these children but also many lifetime lessons for all who participated in this program from volunteers, host families and others who had the opportunity to be touched by these children," said Mayumi Nakamura, President of both PSPCF and PSPINC. "We strongly believe that this year's Summer Experience in Seattle will be equally successful in instilling hope for the future in this group of children. PSPCF believes hope is something we receive by giving it others, and we hope to continue to do so through this program and others in years to come."

For more information, please visit PSPCF online at and "Like" us on Facebook at

About PSP Children's Foundation
PSPCF believes that hope is something we receive by giving it to others. Their mission for the future is to provide children affected by disasters with opportunities for hope through programs such as the Summer Experience in Seattle. Learn more at

CONTACT: Mayumi Nakamura