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Pass Wizard Launch

All-new password manager, Pass Wizard released with free and Pro versions available


BELLEVUE, Washington April 5, 2022 – Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. (PSPINC) has launched Pass Wizard, a password management tool, to help users improve the security of their account data. Pass Wizard is a cloud-based password manager with the option to store as many passwords as a user would like, and share select passwords within a group they create.

In recent years, the market’s concerns over cybersecurity have only increased. According to a Future of Secure Remote Work Report done by Cisco, 61 percent of survey respondents reported an increase of more than 25 percent in cyber threats in their organizations since the start of March 2020.

Pass Wizard offers two plans: free and Pro. With the free plan, users can store up to 30 passwords. With the Pro plan, users can:

PSPINC has created Pass Wizard to assist in keeping users’ account information safe while using the internet. They’ve designed and developed Pass Wizard in-house with the distinct goal of increasing overall security by using secure hardware and state-of-the-art systems with 2-factor authentication. Small business owners and managers can create groups to share specific data within their organization using Pass Wizard. This then allows them to share confidential login credentials through linked group plans without having to worry about security breaches.

At $1.67 per month, Pass Wizard is one of the most affordable password managers on the market for securely managing an unlimited amount of account credentials.

For more information, please contact Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. at 1-800-232-3989 or by email at


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