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Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. Turns 33 Years Old


BELLEVUE, Washington, July 7, 2020 - Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. was formed on July 7, 1987 at the Shorewood Apartments on Mercer Island, Washington. The company was created by a young man from Japan only 4 years after graduating from college in the US. That man’s name is Ken Uchikura, he is the Founder and President of Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.

His mission was to create a company that helped US businesses export their technology-based products to Japan. To accomplish this he formed a team with the goal to translate and localize these products for the Japanese market. Ultimately, Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. accomplished this goal and was responsible for translating and localizing many US products from English to Japanese.

In 1996, the company changed its focus from product licensing, translation, localization and publishing to Internet services. Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. became one of the first web and email outsourcing company in the US. Currently, they service over 40,000 corporations for their web and email needs. Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. also provides web and web server development services to corporations and Government organizations.

“When I started this company, I had no customers. I had to do everything all by myself in one of the rooms I rented. I was young, so I thought I would just get another job if it failed,” said Ken Uchikura. “Now, after 33 years, it is too late for me to look for another job and there are too many people depending on me.”

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. is currently working on new services to increase its offerings. The company is still growing to this day as they continue to offer superior products and services.

Ken Uchikura - Founder / CEO
Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.