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OKIRON Design, Inc. Transfers Services to PSPINC

OKIRON Design, Inc. Transfers Services to PSPINC


Bellevue, WA (April 1, 2013) - Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. (PSPINC) announces the purchase of OKIRON Design, Inc.'s assets, effective April 1, 2013, which shall include all of OKIRON Design, Inc.'s services, clients and the community portal. OKIRON Design, Inc. has been in business in San Diego since 1999, providing web development and hosting services primarily to the Japanese community. OKIRON Design Inc. also operates, the most popular Japanese community site in San Diego. PSPINC is a 25-year-old software development company based in Bellevue, Washington, providing web development and web and email hosting for over 38,000 companies. PSPINC has begun expanding their operations to California in the last few years and the acquisition of OKIRON Design, Inc. marks the beginning of an expanded interest in Southern California.

"PSPINC is happy to be merging with OKIRON Design, Inc. and will be able to provide better service to all of our clients in the greater San Diego Area," said Mayumi Nakamura, President and CEO of PSPINC.

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About OKIRON Design, Inc.
Noriko Inoue established OKIRON Design, Inc. in San Diego, California, in 1999. Since that time, OKIRON Design, Inc. has managed web marketing strategy, business solutions, design and printing for their clients. OKIRON Design Inc. also operates, one of the most popular Japanese community sites in San Diego.

PSPINC is a web hosting and Internet solutions company located in Bellevue, WA. During the 1990s, its focus shifted from localization and "double byte specialists" to "Internet specialists." In August 2000, PSPINC opened its first data center, providing superior reliability and security for clients. Now in 2013, PSPINC continues to expand and provide domain name, web, and email hosting, data storage and original software to over 38,000 companies in both the U.S. and Japanese markets. But while PSPINC provides expert service for companies large and small, they never forget that their real business is supporting customers. Learn more at

CONTACT: Sumiko Midorikawa
Marketing Manager