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Loud Nerds Beta Launch

Pacific Software Publishing Inc. launches the beta version of Loud Nerds, a free online directory for tech professionals


BELLEVUE, Washington February 24, 2022 - Pacific Software Publishing Inc. (PSPINC) has developed a new web application for tech professionals and prospective clients to showcase their skills and find talented individuals for their projects called Loud Nerds.

PSPINC has created Loud Nerds as another resource for tech professionals to network with other IT professionals and find work by connecting with clients.

With Loud Nerds, users can create a custom profile to:

On the homepage, users can find a nerd using the search bar or look through the entire directory of professionals. From there, users can reach out to others with the “Contact Me” button listed on their profile, which is an easy way to connect not only with potential clients, but also other IT professionals to collaborate and partner with. Loud Nerds allows users to showcase their skills by listing them on their profile as well as through the photo album by uploading images of some of their past projects.

For clients looking for someone to hire, they can use the request for quote (RFQ) feature, conveniently located on the homepage. With this, users can input their basic contact information, what kinds of services they’re looking for, and any necessary project details. All qualifying tech professionals will receive an email with the request as it’s shared throughout the community. Loud Nerds provides an all-new platform for freelancers and small tech companies to advertise their services and find new customers to grow their business for free.

For more information, please contact Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. at 1-800-232-3989 or by email at

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Ken Uchikura - Founder / CEO
Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.