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Dreamersi Web and Email Hosting Discount

Pacific Software Publishing Inc. discounts their web and email hosting platform, Dreamersi, for $199/year for all of January


BELLEVUE, Wash., Jan. 11, 2022 - Pacific Software Publishing Inc. (PSPINC) is offering a discount on Dreamersi, their domain, web, and email hosting services. For a limited time, Dreamersi will be $199/year using the promo code, “Happy2022”. In this package, customers have access to:

Dreamersi is a service that helps customers build and design websites for their business as well as manage an organization’s internal email network. This promotion is only applicable to the all-inclusive plan that includes both web and email hosting services, usually priced at $250/year. The promo code will only be available until the end of January. Regardless of plan choice, Dreamersi customers have access to industry-leading support, which includes real, live support technicians who are standing by during business hours to help with all of customers’ web and email hosting needs.

PSPINC has offered Dreamersi for more than 20 years, providing superior hosting services, all developed in-house. With the all-inclusive plan, customers can get started with a free domain name for their website. They have access to build their website with an easy WordPress installer, exclusive access to WebdeXpress PSPINC’s easy and secure web building tool, or they can build a custom website from scratch. Additionally, customers receive 10GB of storage space for their website, 10GB of storage space for their email, data backups, as well as online webmail.

For more information, please contact Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. at 1-800-232-3989 or by email at

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Ken Uchikura - Founder / CEO
Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.