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Case Study

Don's Group Attire

  • Technical Blueprint
  • Custom Web Development
  • UI/UX Design
Don's Group Attire Original Store Front
Don's Group Attire Logo

About the Company

Don’s Group Attire is a local group attire shop in South Seattle that specializes in providing customers with group outfitting and business garments.

  • Fully customize the company’s e-commerce website system.
  • Create full-spec documentation that covers the most important features of their new website’s functional design.
  • Fix features that were previously not functioning correctly on their existing website.
  • Enhance existing system features.
  • Add new features for managing product data.
  • Improve the overall usability of the employee administration tools.
The Process

Initial Discussion

As part of the project kick-start process, we sat down with the client to learn more about their pain points with their existing system and what they needed. Specifically, they were looking to improve the functionality of the back-end system. Making it easier for their staff to add and manage products for their customers to purchase online. 

Technical Documentation

Once we fully understood the scope of the project, our technical team got to work creating a detailed blueprint. This was prepared and provided to the client to ensure there was no confusion on the expected functionality. After receiving feedback from the client, adjustments to the documentation are made and finalized.

Don's Group Attire Blueprint

“We are very satisfied with the work that Pacific Software Publishing did for us... They maintained an easy flow of communication that allowed us to explain our specific needs while they managed the technical requirements to execute our vision.”


Upon receiving client approval on the technical blueprint our developers got to work, building the new system from the ground up while addressing the client’s pain points with the existing system. 

As previously mentioned, along with re-building the existing system with a more stable and manageable framework, we integrated a number of new features.

New Features
  • An import tool for products
  • An import tool for users
  • An all-new announcement tool

Ongoing Client Consultation

Based on the large-scale scope and complexity of the project, it was important that we continued to have an open dialogue with the customer. Our customer service experts would connect weekly with the client to conduct a full status check discussion.

Along with providing them with updates, we invested significant time in active spec-clarifying discussions. This resulted in the need to make adjustment to features throughout the project. This dynamic development process was key to ensuring we were delivering a product that met their unique business needs.

Testing & Bug Fixes

Throughout the process, the new system went through a rigorous testing process courtesy of our quality assurance (QA) team.

Our QA Team would report bugs and work with the development team to update and verify each issue as they were addressed with a focus on overall user experience.

Don's Group Attire Mockups

“They were able to deliver the website according to the agreed timelines and budget, and demonstrated a partnership that established trust and value for our investment in this project.”


One of the biggest parts of this overall custom development project consisted of rebuilding the website from scratch, specifically the database center and the catalog editor. The most challenging part of this was how riddled with technical bugs the previous cataloging system was, resulting in an unclear overall spec at times. Our development team also had to test the catalog editor for every possible scenario a user would make to ensure it would work the way the client was expecting it to.

Furthermore, transferring existing data to the new site and reconstructing the database design proved to be a challenge due to the existence of potentially unnecessary and/or unused data that needed to be cleaned up from their existing system. To ensure there weren’t any bugs in the new system, and that we wouldn’t clean up data they wanted to keep, our team checked in with the client numerous times to ask vital questions about the spec. We took considerable caution and made sure to take the time to clarify anything we were unsure about with the customer.

Final Preparation

After final testing was complete, a demo site was provided to the customer to use themselves. Final adjustments aside, once we received the final approval our team began preparing for the new system launch.

This involved preparing routine server backups, and a number of behind the scenes tasks to ensure a seamless release of the new system for Don’s Group Attire’s staff and customers.


Our team's hard work paid off when Don's Group Attire's new system was launched at Upon launch our QA and development teams did another thorough test of the newly-released system.

Application shown on phone

“They were responsive to our needs throughout the process. The website and store(s) are user-friendly, attractive, and secure. We would highly recommend PSPINC for anyone looking to create or update their website.”


If you have a unique online business need not easily solved by existing tools, please contact us. Along with providing professional design and development services, we also offer technical consultation. With decades of experience in software development, we want to be your technical business partner.

Also, if you’re looking to custom-design your public-facing website, check out our budget-friendly web design plans.

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