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Internal Links: Establishing Site Architecture

What are internal links? Internal links are hyperlinks that point to a subpage within the same domain. In other words, internal links point to another page on the same website. Why do you need interna...


PSPinc builds for you!

We've been serving our customers for 30+ years! We build software to fit your specific needs and help you grow your business.

Try Pilot SBT

Try Pilot SBT

Pilot SBT offers FREE sales and customer support solutions for all types of business. Give It A Try!

Traveling? Check out these gre...

Traveling? Check out these great resources!

Are you planning on traveling to #SanDiego or #LosAngeles? We have 2 great resources that a jam-packed full of things to do, places to eat, and even lifestyle guides. Check them out!

Click It Audio now supports Q...

Click It Audio now supports QR codes!

Grab the attention of your visitors by introducing audio on your website! Click It Audio now supports QR codes! The term "QR Code" is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

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2019 Tech Trends: Increased Cyber Threats

We’ve been talking about tech trends for 2019 and all the exciting advances in technology, including increased speed and connectivity of our gadgets. But all this advancement comes with a price as we ...

5 Fast Bloguru Facts

5 Fast Bloguru Facts

Blogs are completely ad-free Designed to be search engine friendly Automatically post to Twitter, Facebook, and your website Simple photo and video uploads Unlimited storage space

More Features Coming to Pilot...

More Features Coming to PilotSBT!

Along with the free-to-use base app, we are adding lots of more features to PilotSBT! Stay in the loop for even more features on the horizon! #SmallBiz #CRM


Send MegaMail!

MegaMail supports all file types and works will all email services. That's pretty cool! Emailing large files has never been this easy!

NewsMail - Create Custom Ema...

NewsMail - Create Custom Email Lists

1. Create a Mailing List 2. Add individual emails OR import a file 3. Compose email using theme templates 4. Send!

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