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What is Hootsuite and Should you Use It?

Whether you’re on social media for personal or business reasons, it can be a lot of work managing multiple profiles across different social media platforms. Just trying to manage all of your accounts ...

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How IP Targeting Works

By now, most of us realize we are the targets of geomarketing ads. When we search for something on our phones, or visit a website, you can bet you’ll see an ad for it (or something like it) the next t...

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Local SEO is Key in Geomarketing

We’ve been discussing how geomarketing and local SEO are critical to a company’s online success. Let’s review the key components of local SEO so you can strengthen your geomarketing efforts. Local SEO...

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Tune up your Geomarketing Campaigns

Geomarketing is a powerful tool where we business owners can use people’s smartphone location information to our advertising advantage. There are over 250 million smartphone users in the U.S., which m...

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What is Geomarketing?

“Geomarketing” is a relatively new term combining two words: geography and marketing. It’s the practice of using geographic location information in our marketing activities. With today’s technology, e...

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How to Backup Emails in Mozilla Thunderbird

First, you’ll need to add on the Import and Export mail feature to Thunderbird. 1. Open your Thunderbird desktop app. 2. Click the drop-down menu in the top-right corner. 3. Find and select the “Add-o...

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How to Backup Emails in Outlook

Follow these steps for backing up emails in Outlook for Office 365, Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, and Outlook 2013: Backup to a folder on your computer: 1. Go to File in the tool bar > Open & Exp...

How to Backup Apple Email

How to Backup Apple Email

Method 1 Use the export mailbox feature in Apple as a way to archive your emails. This method lets you remove messages from Apple Mail while still keeping a saved copy. 1. First, open up Apple Mail. 2...

4 Marketing Tip...

4 Marketing Tips That DON’T Work

1. Posting as Frequently as Possible This is a common marketing tip – “post often and consistently so your followers are constantly seeing your content.” At one point, this was a legitimate marketing ...

3 Business Trends to Follow i...

3 Business Trends to Follow in 2019

We are past the halfway mark for 2019 – so now is a good time to assess which trends are changing and what to follow. 1. Continued Distrust in Facebook O.K. So this isn’t exactly a surprising trend. F...

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