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Business Communication: Be Simple and Consistent

Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” That’s great advice, especially when it comes to business communication. The only thing I would add – in re...

Pilot SBT

Pilot SBT

We created Pilot SBT to be a tool for small businesses to manage their companies. Pilot SBT comes with - Unlimited accounts - Follow employee interaction with assigned tasks - Create employee profiles, and see their interaction with assignments

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Business Communication: Building Mutual Relationships

I strongly believe relationships in business – a company and its customers, a company and its employees, a manager and team – must work like a marriage. Both parties must mutually benefit, reciprocate...

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Business Communication: Getting your Point Across

Has anyone ever asked you, “So what is your point? The point we try to make to someone can easily get muddled with extra words and long explanations, or it can get confused by lack of tone over digita...

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Business Communication: Setting Core Values

Communication is a very broad topic in business – it includes internal communication between staff, from management to employees, and it also includes external communication to the public through bran...

Google + Begins Shutdown

Last year Google announced that it would be shutting down Google + due to low user activity and maintenance issues. That shutdown will now begin starting in February and April. As of February 4th, you...

Bloguru Enabled HTTP Gzip

Bloguru has now enabled HTTP gzip compression! This will speed up the render time for Bloguru's content making the website faster. If you want to speed up your website visit PSPinc for great deals on our hosting packages!

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How Search Engines Rank Websites

What is ranking? When you type something into a search engine there are typically 10 website links that appear on the first page, with multiple pages of results that follow. The position at which a we...

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Add Professional Audio to your Site for Free

We know it’s important to keep web content to a minimum and try to get our point across in as few words as possible. Too much text on a screen is a turn off, and people feel overwhelmed by it. We also...



Newsmail is full of features that make email marketing easy. - Schedule Posts - Attach Files - Performance Tracking - Responsive Templates - Unlimited Mailing Lists

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