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What do you think of when you hear the word “website?" Most people probably think of it as something like a company brochure. You also probably think of it as a tool to let people know where and when a company was established. As well as the kind of services and products the company manufactures and sells. In fact, there are many websites designed for this purpose. However, to be frank, such a website will not attract people, as there is no reason for them to visit.

A website is not a place to send out information, it is a place to conduct two-way communication with visitors. The goal is to get to know your customers and have them get to know you through communication. The goal is to build a sense of trust between you and your customers.

For this reason, a website needs to be a place to interact with website visitors. There is no such thing as a store that just hands out a company brochure to customers and asks them to leave. You need to be able to say to the customer, "Welcome. What are you looking for?”, ”Is there anything I can help you with?”, or “What are you looking for?” It is the same for customers who come to a company’s website.

It is important to create a website that starts with "Thank you for visiting our website.” We also believe you should create a website that says, "What are you looking for?” You may also need a way to collect information about your customers (e.g. guestbook, contact forms, etc.).

It is good to sell products online to customers, but it is also important to have information about where they can buy products. Let's think together about what pages will make it easier for customers to spend their time on your website.

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