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PSPINC What's New Newsletter Vol.68 "AI: Artificial Intelligence"


Vol. 68

We often hear the word AI, but what is it? AI is a program that runs on a computer. Since it is a program, it was created by a human being, and in that aspect, it is no different from ordinary programs. There is also no difference in the sequence of inputting information, processing it, and producing results between AI and general programs. At what point does an ordinary program become an AI, or is an AI born from a completely different process than an ordinary program?

When you hear the word "AI", you think of an intelligent being with the ability to make self-judgments like a human being. However, there is no doubt that a human-like being with intelligence cannot exist in a computer at this time. AI, as it is called now, is a system that makes decisions and draws conclusions from the information it receives with better analytical skills than humans. For example, automated driving, which is about to be installed in modern automobiles, analyzes information from cameras, radar, GPS, and maps to drive the car. This is just information processing, not independent decision-making. Therefore, it is not possible to respond to information that is outside of our control. For example, even if there is an animal in the middle of the road, no self-driving car can avoid it (as of now).

automated driving

In addition to automated driving, voice recognition is often mentioned as AI. This can be used in fields such as automatic translation. Behind the scenes, voice is converted to text, which is then converted back by translation software. The reason that these functions, called AI, are getting so much attention these days is because of the increased processing power of computers.

AI is a function that processes the work that humans do without human intervention on a task-by-task basis. I think you can understand AI if you understand that it is a program that is being developed to assist people. It is not a different program from what has come before that is created from a special process. Unfortunately, programs do not have emotions, although they can express something similar to human emotions.

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