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2019 Tech Trends: Increased Cyber Threats

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We’ve been talking about tech trends for 2019 and all the exciting advances in technology, including increased speed and connectivity of our gadgets. But all this advancement comes with a price as we become increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks.

In 2017, Equifax had a breach that affected sensitive personal information for 143 million customers. In 2018, information was hacked from 50 million Facebook users and 500 million customers of Marriott and Starwood hotels.

According to and, 64% of U.S. companies have experienced web-based attacks, 62% experienced phishing and social engineering attacks, 59% experienced malicious code and botnets, and 51% experienced denial of service attacks. Hackers are getting more organized and sophisticated, so what can we do to protect our data?

In business, we must understand there is no such thing as “hacker safe” data. Just as a thief can break the window to steal your cash register, hackers can break the security measure you have in place. In our buildings, we install security systems and place valuable items like cash and expensive merchandise in secure locations. So what do we do with our equally valuable client data? Simply hoping nobody will steal it from your database is not the right answer. And it’s imperative you have a plan in place in the event your data does get hacked – even if you think you have all the right security measures in place.

If you don’t know where to start, consult an expert or call us at PSPinc for more help to secure your data and come up with a plan. At the basic level, make sure your customers’ important data is stored in a secure database, preferably encrypted, and have tools that monitor who’s accessing the data. Do not give a critical password to a bunch of employees, and do not keep the password on a Post-It note by your desk. If you notice anything suspicious, go back and check your data access activity logs.

With our way of life becoming more virtually connected, we have to embrace the responsibilities and potential threats that come with it. Always be prepared!