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2019 Tech Trends: Home IoT

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The battle to tap into your home was big in 2018, between smart speakers and home security systems gaining popularity. Amazon and Google have been going head to head for your attention in order to become the platform for IoT in your home. We predict this competition will continue with ferocity in 2019.

The key players are trying to integrate their devices into your home’s daily functions. Some of them are creating hubs, like Amazon’s Echo Show or Google’s Home Hub. The smart home hub would be able to control devices such as your thermostat, lights, garage doors, doorbell, security system, maybe even your cooking devices and laundry machine. The hub would control your home’s IoT, and eventually learn your behavioral patterns.

But why do they want to know so much about you?

The more they know, the more they can influence and control your purchasing habits. They can offer you what you need, in the moment in your home, and be the one to provide the item. Google can advertise a product on behalf of its advertising client, and Amazon can show products to be purchased right from its platform.

Even though these platforms are made for our convenience, when it comes down to it, we humans still need to think critically and make wise choices. Understanding the motive behind home hubs and IoT in our homes can help us outsmart the smart devices and make the right decisions before clicking that 'buy now' button.