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Take the temperature of your customers!!!

A simple click allows you to identify how well your business is performing in the eyes of your customers. For more information, please visit our website below or contact us at 1-800-232-3989 / 425-957-0808 or email us at

Easy Web Development Using a...

Easy Web Development Using a CMS hosting provides its own easy-to-use Content Management System (Web Builder) for people who have very little knowledge of HTML, CSS, or WordPress. This CMS, called WebdeXpress, enables any level of user to assemble and create fully functional and mobile ready web pages in minutes. If you feel your website is outdated but do not have the budget for a new web page, give WebdeXpress a t...

Search Google by the Company...

Here is how to review a page on Google.

If you had a good experience with any company, people would like to hear about it by means of "Reviews". If you want to write a reviews, here is how you do it. Please check the process above. If you walked like to know more about Google Review for you business, please contact us at We are more than happy to explain what you would like to know about Reviews and Web Promotions.

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Find out How your Website is Performing

Google Analytics is a good way to see how your website is performing. You can see how many people visited and how they behaved (did they exit right away vs. staying on the site to browse?) and even be...

Mailbox Repair Tool- New Tool...

Mailbox Repair Tool- New Tool on Dreamersi

We have released a new tool, Mailbox Repair Tool to Dreamersi. This tool will attempt to correct issues where emails received may not appear in your inbox. This tool is available on admin panel after ...

[UNCHECKED] stamp in email ...

[UNCHECKED] stamp in email subject

All emails that were looping during the incident have [UNCHECKED] in the subject. Those emails were properly virus checked although they happend to have the stamp due to the incident. We apologize for...

Email Problem Resolved

Email Problem Resolved

We have fixed and cleared all email problems. All our customers should be receiving all emails now. There are few email not being delivered / rejected while we were experiencing the issues. We are currently trying our best to recover those emails. If you have any question, now you can email us at

Email Problem Continuing

Email Problem Continuing

We are still battling with email issues started around 1:00pm (PDT). If you re not receiving or unable to send email, please bare with us. We will keep you posted. If you need t talk someone, please can us 1-800-232-3989 or 425-864-2012

Email server being attacked b...

Email server being attacked by SPAM.

Currently we are expecting very heaver email traffic to our servers. This is causing our system to slow down and not being able to deliver email. This has started around 1:30pm on 9/9/19. We will keep you posted when it becomes normal.

36th Largest Minority-Owned ...

36th Largest Minority-Owned Companies in Washington

We are listed #36 on Puget Sound Business Journal's list for Largest Minority-Owned Companies in Washington State. We value diversity in our workplace and we're so happy to see so many other companies on the list too. We will do our best to better than 36th next year by delivering better products and services. If you would like to know more about Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. (AKA PSPinc), ple...

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