Where do I call for support from PSP?
Please contact us at 425-957-0808, or toll-free at 800-232-3989.
I am unable to send email to specific recipient. Why is this happening?
Check the email address of the recipient, as oftentimes it is mistyped. Also, try deleting the email address and reentering it without using the auto-complete function.
I could not find an email in my inbox.

First, check your spam box. Many antivirus programs also provide anti-spam. Your message may have been put into a spam folder.

If you are using the spam filter feature that comes with dreamersi.net, sometimes emails will be caught in your spam folder. If this is the case, please check [Mail Recovery] from the dreamersi.net [Spam Filter] window.

Alternatively, your email could have been delivered to another folder. Many email clients allow rules to be set up to move incoming email into specific folders.

How do I create a signature and include it in a new email?

To create a signature, go to [Tools] > [Options] > [Mail Format]. Click the [Signature] button, and click [New] in order to create a new signature. To include it in a new email, go to [Tools] > [Options] > [Mail Format]. You will see the [Signature] paragraph at the bottom. Choose the signature in the drop-down menu that you would like included in new messages, replies, and forwards.

I am unable to connect to the Internet using my wireless connection.

Try power cycling your wireless access point and computer.

First, unplug the power cable for the wireless access point, wait 15 seconds, then plug it back in. Then wait a few minutes and restart your computer.

Test your Ethernet connection without using wireless.

Plug in an Ethernet cable between your modem and computer. You may have a problem with your Internet.

Reset and reconfigure your wireless access point (Advanced).

Try resetting your modem configurations. This will require you to reconfigure your wireless access point, which will require more advanced technical ability.

Troubleshooting when you cannot send or receive email

Make sure your Internet connection is active.

Open up your web browser and see if you can access external websites, such as www.pspinc.com. If you cannot access external websites, then you have a problem with your network.

Can other computers at your location send and receive email?

If not, this may indicate a larger problem affecting more than just one computer.

Check User Account settings within your email program:

For example, Email Address, User Name, Password, and Authentication options.

Check your server settings.

If you are unable to send email, make sure you select "My outgoing server requires authentication" and that you are using the same settings as incoming server.

Your ISP may be blocking outgoing email.

Change SMTP port number to 587 from 25. This will allow you to access our outgoing server even though your internet service provider blocks you from accessing a third-party server.

Your Windows firewall or antivirus program may be blocking your email.

If you are unable to receive or send email, disable Windows Firewall and antivirus software temporarily. Some antivirus programs continue to block email even when disabled.

Check if your computer has connection to our mail server by:

  1. Click start, select "Run", enter CMD then press ENTER
  2. Enter the following and then press ENTER again:

    Telnet 110

    If you receive a message saying "+OK POP3 server ready", you now have connection to POP server.

    Telnet 25

    If you receive message saying "220 din-smtpout dreamersi.net ESMTP" you have a connection to SMTP server.

  3. If you don't have any of these connections, then you do not have a connection to our mail server. Make sure you have turned off the firewall and any anti-virus programs and try it again.
  4. Quit Outlook and open it again, then click Send/Receive.
  5. Restart your computer.
  6. If these steps do not fix the problem, please contact PSP.
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