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Best Workplace for Waste Prevention and Recycling 2013

We're committed to green practices and our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. Striving to implement the best technology to effectively help the environment and provide PSPINC customers with the best services, we encourage our employees to get involved with promoting a green work environment.

PSPINC has been recognized every year since 2008 as one of King County's Best Workplaces for Recycling and Waste Reduction, earning us a place on their Honor Roll for our company-wide recycling and waste reduction efforts.

Energy Use Reduction

We efficiently host over 38,000 domains on just 390 servers.

  • This reduces the amount of energy needed to run one server for just one company.
  • By hosting your domain with PSPINC, you can reduce your website's energy consumption by 99%.

We're a proud participant of Puget Sound Energy's (PSE) Green Power Program.

  • We purchase 33% green power (renewable energy) for our Bellevue corporate office.
  • The program supports the development and use of renewable energy products in the Pacific
  • Northwest region. Learn more at www.pse.com

PSP only uses LCD monitors and compact fluorescent light bulbs are used when possible.

Green Power - Wind Farm
Recycle Bin

Recycling and Waste Reduction

  • Recycling bins are provided throughout the office: receptacles are provided at each workstation and in common areas.
  • Reuse stations for Styrofoam packaging materials and paper are available.
  • We assist with recycling PCs and hardware and offer a PC recycle program.
  • We've reduced the usage and ensured the proper disposal of all hazardous materials used in our offices, including paint, cleaning agents and fluorescent light bulbs.

Energy Use Reduction

Our company fleet is comprised of fuel-efficient vehicles, including a Nissan Leaf and a Toyota Prius. The Leaf is fully electric, and emits zero carbon dioxide emissions.

Employees drive to customer sites when needed, but we also provide remote assistance to our customers, thus reducing carbon emissions altogether.

PSP Nissan Leaf
PSP Toyota Prius