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Help Desk

Helping your employees team up to solve customer problems is the idea behind PSP Pilot Help Desk. We do this by streamlining the correspondence between your clientele and your supporting staff. If you’re looking for satisfied customers, then look no further!

Allow your team to manage customer issues efficiently.

Help Desk Steps

One way to visualize PSP Pilot Help Desk is as a communal inbox for all of your employees. Everyone can access it separately using their PSP Pilot credentials, and they will all be able to respond to client problems.

Don’t worry, we have built-in fail proofs to make sure two of your employees can’t respond to an issue at the same time. With PSP Pilot Help Desk you can share attachments with your customers and delete messages once the issues are resolved.

The best part? All of this correspondence will be stored within your PSP Pilot account, and can be accessed via either the client page, or the responding employee’s page. So sit back, relax, and let PSP Pilot Help Desk help you.

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