All about Webinars for your Business
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Today let’s discuss webinars.

It’s not exactly like video streaming, but since a webinar falls within a very similar category by virtually connecting your service and products to the customer, we think it’s worthy to talk about.

A webinar is a seminar conducted online. Since it’s a seminar hosted virtually on the web (versus in a conference room), they’ve essentially mashed up the two words to create “webinar.”

Before internet, to hold a seminar, you needed a location, like an auditorium or a hotel conference room, to bring people in. Then, you would give your presentation on a screen using a slideshow presentation. You would ask participants to register and sign up in advance so you knew how many people to expect, and you most likely prepared handouts so people could take notes. That was then. Webinars are now.

Webinars are held virtually so you don’t need a hotel space. You’ll probably still have a slideshow to prepare, but no need to have physical materials ready since it’s all happening online. Webinars can help you reach customers from other states and other countries. It’s a great tool for customer training on your products or services. It’s also a great employee training tool for companies that have sister branches spread out across regions or states. Webinars are effective tools for communicating with a lot of people at once, in various locations.

So how do you set up a webinar?

You can sign up online with a webinar service provider. The cost is usually around $50, depending on the amount of your attendees. There are free ones too, but I have seen them fail miserably, so if you want a guarantee for success, pay the fee. The last thing you want is to sign up for a free webinar service only to have it fail you and give your customers a bad experience or leave them with a bad impression of your company.