How to Set up a YouTube Channel for Business
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Did you know you can start your very own YouTube channel? Think of it like turning on the TV (YouTube) and picking a channel to watch. Yes, you can create your own channel for your business, and entice viewers to come watch what you produce! People can even choose to “follow” your channel and receive updates each time you post something new.

Here’s how to get started:

1) Login to YouTube using your Gmail account.
2) From your PC, click on “My Channel” on the left side menu. If you’re working thru the app, click on your avatar icon in the top right corner, and select “My Channel” from the dropdown menu.
3) Click on “Customize Channel” to start your own YouTube channel.
4) Upload the banner image, click “About” to setup your channel descriptions.

Creator Studio is a helpful tool that can also be found under your avatar’s main menu. It has tools to help you manage your video, add watermarks, add music, see analytics, stream live videos and more.

Once you have 100 subscribers to your channel, Google will allow you to create your own custom URL, for easier brand recognition (for example, our YouTube address is ). When your channel is up and running, be sure to send it out to your employees and work associates so they can subscribe.

But what are the benefits of starting a YouTube channel for your business? Well, for one, YouTube videos tend to rank higher in search engines than other video platforms or videos you host on your website. So, it optimizes your chance of being found in searches. Also, a billion people use YouTube for research and entertainment, giving you a better chance to get some additional exposure you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Instead of suffering through your own streaming server, it makes sense to have your own YouTube channel if it’s branded under your business correctly.